Cool Scaffolding project – Smokestack demolition in Milford, Delaware.

Here’s something you don’t see everyday – scaffolding for an 80′ tall smokestack demolition in Milford, DE.

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I just love the pics of this job.  Normally, demo companies just tip these over or implode them but that was obviously not possible here because the stack is attached to the building beneath.  This particular smokestack belongs to the world-wide dental company called Dentsply.
Chimney Demo, smokestack demolition, pinnacle scaffold DE,
Pinnacle Scaffold was brought in because of their experience with historic buildings and their ability to build around odd shaped structures.  Thanks to Clean Venture for the referral.
Chimney Demo, smokestack demolition, pinnacle scaffold DE,
The challenge here was to have the correct architectural drawings designed and implemented on-site as the scaffold went up.  Anchor points were critical since the bulk of the structure was coming down.  It was designed so that demolition crews could begin dismantling at the top and work their way down.
Chimney Demo, smokestack demolition, pinnacle scaffold DE,
PSC has an on-site team, working in tandem with the demo crew, dismantling portions of the scaffolding as the crew moves down towards the ground.
Chimney Demo, smokestack demolition, pinnacle scaffold DE,
My question was, “what happens to the bricks and mortar when the crews demo the chimney?”  Well, they toss it into the stack and clean it out when they reach the bottom.  PSC also provided crews with several trash chutes for debris.  (those came after these pics were taken).
Chimney Demo, smokestack demolition, pinnacle scaffold DE,
It’s not everyday you see scaffolding around a smokestack that is coming down one brick at a time.

Call Pinnacle Scaffold today at (302) 766-5322.

Here’s some information about the client Dentsply (from their web site)

DENTSPLY International has been committed to providing the global dental community with innovative, high quality, cost effective dental products. From our humble beginnings in 1899, the Company has grown to become one of the largest professional dental products company in the world. With operations in 40 countries, the Company distributes its dental products in over 120 countries under some of the most well established brand names in the dental industry. Worldwide, dental professionals now depend upon DENTSPLY for innovative, new solutions that advance the practice of dentistry and improve oral health for patients throughout the world.

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