Holy Ghost Prep School – scaffolding, stairtower, trash chute, debris netting

Today’s challenge was to erect a scaffold, stair tower, trash chute and debris netting on the clock tower at the Holy Ghost Preparatory School, built in 1897, without disturbing the masonry or upsetting the landscaping.23042735886_8172fc3525_oLuckily Pinnacle Scaffold specializes in working with historic structures. (see our webpage for examples)  We were honored to work with the good people at Holy Ghost Prep to help them repair the parapet and spires on the clock tower of the main building.  The school is a private Catholic college preparatory school for young men in Cornwells Heights, Bensalem, Pennsylvania within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It was founded in 1897 by the Spiritan missionaries.22447559823_ce19a364cb_oCrews needed access to the roof to remove and repair spires and replace the damaged parapet wall.  We used system scaffold and decked in the top two levels to give them a solid work platform.testpostcard_2012_frontHere you can see what the tower, spires, and parapet normally look like.23079966891_86aff57b4e_o
We built an intricate stair tower for crews to gain access and then fenced it in for added protection.

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They also needed a trash chute from the top of the roof down to the dumpster on the ground level. 23055163292_9622752557_oHere you can see the access needed to get to the crumbling parapet walls.  It also shows where the spires used to be.  They will all be put back up again once everything is repaired.23055163052_216347db03_oCrews are replacing and repairing the stones and masonry work around the parapet.23055162192_82c7607678_o
Time and the elements will take a toll on the masonry work.  Every decade or two they need some touch up. This is the base of one of the spires that is being repaired.

23068776735_7587959bbf_o  23055159792_a942ec7438_o
Here you can the access we provided all the around the parapet.  And in the second shot you can see the debris netting we installed for added protection.22650404177_947f3c8541_o
This is the side of the building where we staged our gear and the masonry crews accessed the job site.  We wanted to limit the amount of wear on the landscaping and this access driveway was the perfect solution.  Our goal is to leave every job just as we found it.23042736656_17ff4df0b1_oWe were honored to have helped the Holy Ghost Prep School repair their parapet.  If you need access to hard to reach places or need scaffolding call (302) 766-5322 and ask for Tony P.  Or you can log on to www.pinnaclescaffold.com to see more of our work.



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