Pinnacle Scaffold provides support for renovation of Josephine Fountain


The well-known feature at Brandywine Park in Wilmington, DE has been taken out of operation and is undergoing a major restoration project.


The Josephine Fountain, which was dedicated in 1933 and named after the late wife of Attorney Joshua Ernest Smith, has sustained significant structural damage after severely cold weather in the winter months.


Pinnacle Scaffold was brought in to aid in the restoration process because of our flawless track record dealing with historic buildings, statues and artifacts. It takes a scaffolding company like Pinnacle to make sure the project is done right and everything remains the way we found it.


Here you can see the scaffolding we erected to get the renovation crew to their designated elevation. We used system scaffold and decked it in on 3 levels (where the crew will dismantle the statue). We took the utmost care while assembling to make sure nothing was harmed.

The park brought in surveyors who discovered it needed critical restoration work.


The work will require the statue and fountain to be disassembled and temporarily located off-site for the work the commence. It should be completed by summer of 2017 when it will be brought back to it’s original glory.


We love working on historic objects and are proud to lend our support to this prestigious project.  If you need access, scaffold or lifts call Tony at Pinnacle Scaffold today (302) 766-5322 or visit


And since this beauty is going to be down for a little while we thought we’d play this little ditty for ya.


And here’s a bit of history for you: Ernest Smith, who donated the nearby cherry trees in 1929, gave the fountain as a memorial to his wife, Josephine Tatnall Smith, following her death in 1931. After the fountain’s dedication in 1933, the entire area was designated “Josephine Gardens.”


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