Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library Scaffolding & Renovations (Phase 2 & 3)

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Phase 2 and 3 of the Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library renovations are in full swing and Pinnacle Scaffold is proud, once again, to be providing the scaffolding and access to make them a reality.


The real story here isn’t the massive scaffold job, that took 8 semi-truck loads of equipment, and allowed crews 100% access all around the Exhibition Building for renovations  – but it’s the agility and creativity of our scaffolders to erect this on such crazy and uneven terrain that includes a stream traveling right through the middle.


Pinnacle specializes in working on historic structures and providing access in tenuous situations.  Where others cower in fear and back down from the challenge, our guys thrive on their ability to devise new and creative ways to solve problems.


Just like when we erected the scaffolding at the main museum building – we had to do it with the utmost care and not leave a trace.  Mission accomplished.

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We also had to devise a way to span the massive 60 foot glass atrium so crews could gain access above it.  Done.

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So how did crews stabilize this giant scaffold system on mushy terrain on the edge and over a stream?


The answer is: Very Carefully.

Aww come on now.  Seriously?  I’m sorry, but I had to do it.  It’s true to a point.  We had to use secret shoring and scaffolding techniques to keep the scaffold from sinking into the mud.  On stable ground we would build this scaffold with the back leg standing on concrete or a more solid surface (like on the other sides of the building) but the outside leg was either in the soft mud or in the water so that wouldn’t work.  What to do?


Well, our brilliant leader, Anthony Pini, took one look at the situation and fired off a solution that would have stymied most builders.  Take 14 foot trusses and tie them into the outside leg of the scaffold and then run them across the stream and then secure both sides by shoring up the footers.  Bam!  Problem solved and scaffold steady as a rock.  If you look carefully, it’s really just just a backup system in case that back leg shifts at all; a safety net, if you like.


It’s always nice when the boss actually comes up with an idea (every now and then). 😉  And this one just happened to be a good one!


And if you look at the pics you will see how they accomplished it.


Even though this part of the museum was built in 1992 is still needed renovations.  Crews needed to get at every inch of the giant structure so we decked in every level, and gave them 360 degree access.  Renovations included stucco repair around the exterior, roof and gutter repair, window repair and replacement and paint and metal work.

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You can see we also provided scaffold around each entrance of this structure.



We also installed stair towers – and a special walkway on one side to give crews access over the landscape.


The third phase is over at the Dorrance Gallery building where we had to install a material hoist because crews needed to get to windows, siding, gutters, chimneys and more and lift heavy things.



From this angle you can see we were encasing the entire scaffold with debris netting.


I just happened to come by when they were halfway done.  But trust me – it will look just like the scaffolding did up at the main building.


In fact, I can only imagine that this building will look as stunning as the main building does now after the renovations and repairs.


If you get a chance please visit the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library it’s really something very special.


I’ve put a few links here at the bottom for their website that gives you a little more history on the buildings and grounds.


You can also click on this link to our original story and pics to see what we did there.


We love these historic projects.  Nobody treats them better than we do.  Call Pinnacle Scaffold today at (302) 766-5322 and ask for Tony.  Or visit to see more of our work.  We look forward to working with each and every one of you.


And from the critically acclaimed movie about John Dupont…

Some history on the Exhibition Building:

The Exhibition Building is part of the program of the world’s foremost museum of American decorative arts to open its collection to a wider audience. The New Exhibition Building is connected to the entrance of the museum with a large, conservatory-like pavilion, echoing two conservatories elsewhere at Winterthur. The rest of the addition of 45,000 square feet consists of stair and entry areas and two floors of flexible exhibition space. The addition runs across a shallow glen and bridges a small stream, terminating the long, downhill facade of the existing museum.,_Garden_and_Library



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Winterthur Scaffolding Update (Phase 1)

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It wasn’t that long ago that Pinnacle Scaffold had this entire building encased in scaffolding and debris netting.

You can read all about that post on our blog here:

And for more details check out the Winterthur blog.


But here is the latest from the good people at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library.

And it looks awesome!  We are so glad to be a part of this prestigious renovation!  And just wait until you see what we’ve done on phase 2 and 3 – coming soon!

When you have an historic building or need access – call Pinnacle Scaffold today (302) 766-5322 or visit



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