Scaffolding & Access at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Wayne, PA

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Pinnacle Scaffold was called to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Wayne, PA to provide masonry crews access all around this incredible house of worship.


Pinnacle is the go-to scaffold company when you have work with historic structures.  We pride ourselves in our ability to erect scaffolding without leaving a trace.


Crews are repointing and replacing stones in the exterior walls (and then anchoring them to the interior walls for stability), as well as replacing coping stones and doing parapet replacement.


Pinnacle is providing them the access necessary to get the job done!


St. Mary’s Episcopal Church was completed and consecrated on Easter Day 1890.  Over time, the mortar wears out and the stones shift and crack, necessitating their periodic so repair/replacement.


We needed to gain the masonry crews complete access to the façade and roof area.  The biggest challenge was erecting the scaffold like a Christmas tree with different levels at different points, following the profile of the building.  Take a look at some of the pictures.  I’m going to walk you around the building… A visual tour – if you will.


As with all of our historic jobs, we take great pride in getting in and getting out without a trace.  You can see how we carefully use pressure mounts to lean against the walls and roof areas of the church.  We are also very cognizant of where we place the scaffold on the grounds.


We used system scaffold with several stair towers for access around the property.


Father Joseph Smith took a couple of informative videos showing some of the work being done.  You can see them here.


Here is a link to the Church’s web page where you can get more information.


I need to give a shout out to uber talented Miss KT for the use of her camera for the photographs in this blog.


If you need access of any kind, especially on a historic building, call Pinnacle Scaffold today at (302) 766-5322 and ask for Tony.  He will take good care of you.

This appropriate song from the band The Calling (also appropriate) fits for today’s musical interlude.



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