Scaffolding South Academy Street Residence Hall – University of Delaware

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Pinnacle Scaffold erects a monster at the University of Delaware.

There’s really no other way to say it.  This job is big!  Look at the photos.  It’s over 1800 lineal feet of scaffolding encasing 143,000 gsf of new student residences at the University of Delaware in Newark.

Who was big enough to take this on?  Who was bold enough to create an access and working platform for multi-trades at every level at all times all around this structure?  Who could the GC rely on for constant changes, updates, and a moving target of issues from a multitude of vendors?


Only one man could pull this off – Mr. Anthony Pini!  Now, I have to say there were a ton of other people involved who helped make this a reality (his head tends to grow to Guy Smiley proportions when I pump him up).  But in all seriousness…


Pinnacle Scaffold was called in because they have the ability to move quickly, efficiently, and bring projects in on-time and under budget.


And truthfully, when there are multi-trades all over the scaffold each trying to get their time in to finish the job you want a man like Pini to handle the details and changes that all of these companies need to finish their parts.


But let’s stop blowing sunshine up the owner’s mighty derriere and focus on the incredible scaffolding all around this building.  Wow.


South Academy Street Residence Hall will provide 531 beds for first year students. Located directly north of Hartshorn Hall, the SARH will be the final component of the East Campus Housing Program and is scheduled to open in August 2017.


You can see the vast amount of system scaffold all around this job all to give a multitude of trades and craftsmen access to the entire façade at all times.


We’ve got stair towers, ladders, debris chutes, overhead protection you name it – it’s out there.


There is a lot going on!  This is a busy construction site and safety had to be of the utmost priority.  Each day over 200 workers descend upon this building to install windows, siding, brick, steel, run cranes, lifts, electrical, paint, and more.


Anthony Pini and Pinnacle were brought in because they knew how to design an intricate access plan around this huge building.  He knew how to get all of the clients just what they needed.  He kept everyone happy and kept the project on-time and within budget.


Alternate Design Solutions did a great job with the engineering drawings for this project.  We need to give them a shout out.


Some of the challenges that had to be over come included not just pleasing one client but 7-8 at all times from the GC to the subs, the window guys, the masons, the carpenters, electricians, everyone.


The chimney scaffold was also very difficult to layout and safely give crews access but PSC did it.


Even the building’s layout of a zig-zag pattern in the front was a challenge.


Pinnacle is proud to be a part of this prestigious project and proud to be working with so many quality people.  Together we can all make it a huge success.


When you need access solutions from scaffolding, mast climbers or suspended scaffold think Pinnacle Scaffold – Fast, great service, reliability, the right price, the right products, right now.  Simply put – better erections.


Call Pinnacle today at (302) 766-5322 and ask for Anthony Pini or visit to see more work.


Here is a rendering of what the finished product will look like.

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There was only one song that fit for the musical number today. I think you’ll agree.


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