Scaffolding the Playhouse on Rodney Square, Wilmington, DE

When you are in downtown Wilmington there are two things you really need to see.  One is the newly remodeled DuPont Theater – now called the Playhouse on Rodney Square.  The Playhouse was opened in 1913 as one of the select theaters on the Broadway touring circuit. After 100 years, it is the oldest theater continually on that circuit. In addition to a full schedule of Broadway productions.

And then secondly, you need to meet the honorary Mayor of Wilmington, Tony P.  Because without him and his company, Pinnacle Scaffold, you might not have the illustrious remodel at the playhouse.  You see, when something needs to get done in Wilmington you call Tony P.

Under a super tight deadline to complete the theater renovation, Sundew Painting (one of the top painting companies in the area) called Pinnacle to bring the heat.  And boy did they ever.  In record time, Tony P and his crew got the scaffold in through the back alleys and galleys and erected a massive scaffold with dancefloor so restoration crews could get access to everything; the walls, ceiling, curtains, nooks and crannies, doors, entryways, you name it.

Pinnacle crews managed the tight load in and out from the back alley.  They handled the pitched/tilted floor.  They navigated the multiple elevations and curved design of the scaffold to get to every surface inside the theater.

But most importantly, they handled the tight deadline to get this 1252 seat theater renovation done and get the plays rolling again.

The result is a stunning new looking place to experience live theater.  This venue is steeped in history.  And now it’s going to carry on into the future with one of kind events that will be sure to create lasting memories for all attendees.

We are proud to have been a part of this historic renovation.  So next time you are in the area, stop by the theater and then ask around to find Tony P.  He’ll most certainly be renovating some of Delaware’s finest.

And if you need scaffolding, access, or just need something to get done in Wilmington, call the honorary Mayor, Tony P, at Pinnacle Scaffold (302) 766-5322 or visit today.

And for our musical number we have this… Enjoy.

And here are a few links on the theater.

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