Stunning Facelift on Pennsylvania Avenue!

Normally, you’d expect to this kind of quality work from Dr. Lee on Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills but it’s right here in Wilmington, DE courtesy of Dr. Anthony Pini and Pinnacle Scaffold.

This wasn’t just a little nip and tuck for 2300 Pennsylvania Avenue but a full-blown facelift or exterior restoration worthy of any housewives of NJ, DC or BH. I know what you’re thinking.

It didn’t just address the loose neck-skin and sagging jowls of this aging building – it repaired the dermis, stretched the skin back behind the ears and pulled a new tight facade that just screams to the traffic passing by: LOOK AT ME!!!

And isn’t that point of a facelift?  To breathe new life into a perfectly good structure?  Of course it is.  And that’s just what Bancroft Construction wanted for this 51 year old building when they hired Pinnacle Scaffold.

Let’s face it, you get what you pay for – and when you are talking about your face or facade why on earth wouldn’t you hire the best?  As Tony P says, “Rent it right. Right product, right service, right price, RIGHT NOW!”  And I have to agree.  

Before we get into the details of the complete renovation, I have to mention a really cool aspect of this scaffold.  Pinnacle performed one of the slickest scaffold moves out there to preserve the natural look of the landscaping surrounding the building.

The entire scaffold was erected around the two enormous trees on the side.  They are hundreds of years old and they had to make sure they weren’t damaged at all.  Check out how the crew built around the large limbs.  Most people would have just chopped off the limbs.  Eeek.  You can’t just “chop off things” that make you look good.  Ask any good plastic surgeon.

Our crew did a brilliant job of letting the beautiful branches poke through the netting and specifically built the system scaffold around these tree parts.  It’s just another way Pinnacle goes above and beyond for the client.

And because we decked out the scaffolding at each level to allow multiple trades to work simultaneously we were able to capture what goes into prepping and finishing a job like this in various stages. Check out these photos and just how great the new exterior is going to look!

And finally, there’s the ramp at the top of the stair tower. It had to span the gap and give enough room to act as a landing platform for material while not taking up much room.  Again, our guys did a great job.

Now for some details of this facelift. We scaffolded and netted ¾ of the building so that multiple crews and trades could work simultaneously so Bancroft could remain on schedule and within budget.  We used system scaffold all the way around for ease of assembly. There were over 3,000 planks used, an awesome stair tower for access, and the best erectors money could buy.

What was being done with this facelift, you ask.  New windows, repairing stone veneer, caulking, coating, skimming, tightening up, removing wrinkles, blemishes, and sharpening the look.

This was a tough project with a quick and immediate turnaround and Bancroft knew to hire Pinnacle to get the job done right.  

As Tony P, the honorary mayor and soon to be presidential candidate says, Rent it Right, son.  Rent it right!

There’s no need to go to Beverly Hills if you need a facelift, access, scaffold, or a mayoral candidate just call Tony P, at (302) 766-5322 or visit today and rent it right!

Today’s musical number just fits what’s going on with this project.  Enjoy.

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