Pinnacle Scaffold’s client appreciation water fun day

In a move sure to go down in history as one of the finest moments on water, Pinnacle Scaffold took out one of its clients (Alternate Design Solutions) for client appreciation day.

The plan was simple.  Entertain some great clients.  Zip around on some cool toys.  Drink some frosty beverages.  And even have a fishing contest.Alternate Design Solutions, non union, scaffold rental, scaffolding rental, DE, PA, NJ, Philadelphia

But things didn’t quite go as planned.  Sure, the first toy up was the brand new Jetovator. (Akin to taming a full blast fire hose) and that was a burner.  But little did anyone know just how much energy it took to ride this contraption.
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Working harder than coal miners to tame this wile water beast, the guys got mighty tired and hungry.  Ah, the fatal flaw was found in otherwise perfect plan.  Pini forgot the food.  Now most times Pini and Pinnacle prepare for everything, except for on this fine occasion, where he only brought 3 Snickers and small bag of Doritos.  He remembered the beverages but didn’t count on these manly men to get so hungry so fast.
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So what started off as an exceptional day on the Delaware river soon became mayhem when the starving crew ravaged the boat for anything to eat.  Consuming the candy bars in exactly thirty seconds and then finding no more human food, Matt busted out the live fishing bait, consisting of worms, grubs, maggots, shrimp and minnows and began feeding it to everyone.  He failed to read the fine print (imported from China in 2009).  No one cared.  It was food and they were starving.

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They consumed almost all of the outdated bait that was stored in the galley.  This seemed to calm everyone’s hunger pangs.  There was a collective sigh of relief.  After about five minutes everything settled down.  The colors seemed brighter, their moods got lighter and their senses seemed to be more acute.  So after chugging a few adult beverages to wash the rotting fish taste, the day could continue.

Pini captained the boat to a remote section of river where fishing rods were taken out and the very last of the bait was put to good use.

Let the contest begin.  And there could only be one winner.

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Pauly D defeated all anglers with his pull of a giant Tigerfish!  Goliath Tigerfish in Delaware you say?  Incredible indeed.  Thank goodness no one was injured bringing in this bad boy. No net needed.  Pauly D just shoved his fist down the monster’s gullet (as if he was hillbilly hand fishing) and hoisted him on board.  They would ride him later.

Leave it to Pinnacle to find the most isolated spot on the river to catch fish, when low-and-behold, from out of nowhere, sped the one and only Australian Super Model, Elle Macpherson on water skis!
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With much grace, skill, and dynamite looks, she blasted past the boat leaving the men wet, awestruck and dumbfounded in her wake.

Not to be outdone Matt said, “Pini, throw me that water ski and hit the gas!”
Into the brine he went, carving like the super slalom champ he’d always wanted to be…
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But she was too fast and it was too late.  Like some apparition, Super Model Elle Macpherson was gone.  For a 47 year-old gal, she not only looked good, but could really put the pedal to the metal.  Where did she go?  Where did she come from?  As the men stood contemplating the mystery before them – another skiing beauty sped by in her wake.

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2 supermodels, on water skis in one day?  In Delaware?  This WAS the place to be.  Or had the rotten fish heads made them see things?   Pinnacle is in the erection business (just see their T-Shirts) and let’s just say things were getting “up air”.
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“Into the bat boat boys,” shouted Jimmy.  “We’ll catch them.  I’ve got a secret weapon,” he said, as he took the wheel of Pinnacle’s new toy – the Amphibi-car.  “It might not look fast but it’s got 450 horses under the hood.  Sea horses, that is.   “Yah” he screamed and cracked the whip, with Paul in tow behind the speedy car boat.
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Unfortunately, after a few minutes it became apparent that no one had fed the sea horses (and they had eaten all of the fishing bait) and they just petered out leaving the guys to swim back to the boat.

In a last-ditch effort to appease the client and find these two water skiing beauties, Pini decided to bust out the big guns.  Top Gun, literally.  “If we can’t find them in this – we must surely be hallucinating,” he screamed, as he rolled forward the throttle and gave new meaning to the word Jet Skiing.
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Unfortunately, that was the last time anyone saw the boys from Alternate Design Solutions.  We can only assume that they found Elle Macpherson and her friend and are living it up on some tropical island somewhere.  We hope.  We wish.

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