Pinnacle scaffold begins its tour of duty with Soldiers and Sailors Monument renovation, Wilmington, DE.

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Pinnacle scaffold is proud to be serving as the scaffolding provider for the renovation of the monument Soldiers & Sailor monument erected in 1871.  The memorial that sits in the triangle formed by Delaware Ave., W. 14th, and N. Broom street is dedicated to Soldiers and Sailors who gave their lives in defense of their country in the Civil War.
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The large marble column is from the Pennsylvania Bank Building, Philadelphia that was razed in 1868.  The monument itself was threatened by the sheriff after it’s unveiling because a construction debt was outstanding.  Eli Crozier, came to the rescue with the necessary funds to save it.  A thank you to him is engraved in the stone on the back of the monument.

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Pinnacle is starting its tour of duty with this monument and then will continue to all of the other monuments in the city of Wilmington.  (More posts to come).pinnacle scaffold, scaffolding, sales, rental, service, de, pa, nj, nyc, fl, md
Pinnacle’s scaffolding provides access to 100% of the monument so restoration crews can get to every nook and cranny.  Pinnacle also devised an ingenious ladder system that goes up through the center of the scaffold.  They hid the ladder in the center so local children wouldn’t climb up and either damage the statue or injure themselves.
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Finally, the monument was ensconced in debris netting.  We will provide some photographs when the restoration is complete.  The marble, eagle and placards should look as good as new once finished.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Delaware Avenue Wilmington
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Here are a couple of postcards from the turn of the century.  You can see what the original monument looked like in it’s current place.  Things certainly have changed.

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Pinnacle Scaffold emergency services team comes to the rescue at Kmart – on a holiday weekend!

Late on a Thursday night while all of the other scaffold and shoring companies are tucked neatly in their beds and dreaming of how they will sleep in late and watch Good Morning America in the AM – Pinnacle is out working.
wall bracing, shoring, scaffold, scaffolding, full service, DE, PA, NJ, NYCAt 8:00 pm Pinnacle’s emergency services team got the phone call about a wall collapsing at the Kmart at the Tri-State Mall in Claymont, DE.

Pinnacle’s owner and guru, Anthony Pini, was on the job site in 10 MINUTES!  Yes, he literally leaped out of his hot tub, slicked back his hair, threw on some clothes, and hit the streets running.  He was at the KMART meeting with the store manager about solutions ten minutes later.

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KMart’s restoration company called from Hayward, CA giving Pinnacle Scaffold full approval to come up with a solution.  This happens more than you would think.  Clients that are based out of state or even out of the country need a trustworthy company to literally handle all aspects of a repair job.  In time sensitive situations, like this, it’s easier to find a reputable company that can be their eyes and ears – and as a full-service scaffolding, shoring and restoration company Pinnacle has done this many times for clients.
scaffold, scaffolding, shoring, masonry, DE, PA, NJ, NYC  scaffold, scaffolding, shoring, masonry, DE, PA, NJ, NYC
The west side of the building sits directly next to a  busy section of road.  Cars and pedestrians are constantly passing by this part of the building.  A wall collapse could have proven catastrophic.  As you can see from the photos, this was a fairly large section.
scaffold, scaffolding, shoring, masonry, DE, PA, NJ, NYC  scaffold, scaffolding, shoring, masonry, DE, PA, NJ, NYC
The brick veneer was collapsing and it needed to be shored up immediately until repairs could be done.

The very next morning at 7:00 AM, Pinnacle had a structural engineer (from Alternate Design Solutions) onsite at the KMART to write up a report and create engineering drawings for the solution.
scaffold, scaffolding, shoring, masonry, DE, PA, NJ, NYC  scaffold, scaffolding, shoring, masonry, DE, PA, NJ, NYC
“The blacktop is not an ideal anchor for the braces so we all put our heads together and thought outside of the box,” said Pinnacle’s Anthony Pini.  The innovative solution they came up with was to anchor the leg-end of the braces to large cement blocks or barriers for support.  Once the plan was presented to the client and the approval was given – Pinnacle’s crew got to work.
scaffold, scaffolding, shoring, masonry, DE, PA, NJ, NYC   scaffold, scaffolding, shoring, masonry, DE, PA, NJ, NYC
On a Holiday weekend when most people are BBQ’ing brats and hot dogs, PSC and its crew was helping KMART prevent a disaster.
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Now that the immediate danger is out of the way, the next step is to remove the brick façade, locate the cause of the trouble, and then put a new brick exterior back up.

We will keep you posted with pictures and details as this job unfolds.
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Pinnacle Scaffold’s client appreciation water fun day

In a move sure to go down in history as one of the finest moments on water, Pinnacle Scaffold took out one of its clients (Alternate Design Solutions) for client appreciation day.

The plan was simple.  Entertain some great clients.  Zip around on some cool toys.  Drink some frosty beverages.  And even have a fishing contest.Alternate Design Solutions, non union, scaffold rental, scaffolding rental, DE, PA, NJ, Philadelphia

But things didn’t quite go as planned.  Sure, the first toy up was the brand new Jetovator. (Akin to taming a full blast fire hose) and that was a burner.  But little did anyone know just how much energy it took to ride this contraption.
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Working harder than coal miners to tame this wile water beast, the guys got mighty tired and hungry.  Ah, the fatal flaw was found in otherwise perfect plan.  Pini forgot the food.  Now most times Pini and Pinnacle prepare for everything, except for on this fine occasion, where he only brought 3 Snickers and small bag of Doritos.  He remembered the beverages but didn’t count on these manly men to get so hungry so fast.
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So what started off as an exceptional day on the Delaware river soon became mayhem when the starving crew ravaged the boat for anything to eat.  Consuming the candy bars in exactly thirty seconds and then finding no more human food, Matt busted out the live fishing bait, consisting of worms, grubs, maggots, shrimp and minnows and began feeding it to everyone.  He failed to read the fine print (imported from China in 2009).  No one cared.  It was food and they were starving.

Scaffold rental, scaffolding rental, Pinnacle scaffold  Pinnacle scaffold, scaffolding rental, scaffold rental  Pinnace Scaffold, scaffold rental, scaffolding rental
They consumed almost all of the outdated bait that was stored in the galley.  This seemed to calm everyone’s hunger pangs.  There was a collective sigh of relief.  After about five minutes everything settled down.  The colors seemed brighter, their moods got lighter and their senses seemed to be more acute.  So after chugging a few adult beverages to wash the rotting fish taste, the day could continue.

Pini captained the boat to a remote section of river where fishing rods were taken out and the very last of the bait was put to good use.

Let the contest begin.  And there could only be one winner.

Pinnacle scaffold, scaffold rental, scaffolding rental, DE, PA, NJ
Pauly D defeated all anglers with his pull of a giant Tigerfish!  Goliath Tigerfish in Delaware you say?  Incredible indeed.  Thank goodness no one was injured bringing in this bad boy. No net needed.  Pauly D just shoved his fist down the monster’s gullet (as if he was hillbilly hand fishing) and hoisted him on board.  They would ride him later.

Leave it to Pinnacle to find the most isolated spot on the river to catch fish, when low-and-behold, from out of nowhere, sped the one and only Australian Super Model, Elle Macpherson on water skis!
Pinnacle scaffold, scaffold rental, scaffolding rentals, non union
With much grace, skill, and dynamite looks, she blasted past the boat leaving the men wet, awestruck and dumbfounded in her wake.

Not to be outdone Matt said, “Pini, throw me that water ski and hit the gas!”
Into the brine he went, carving like the super slalom champ he’d always wanted to be…
non union scaffold rental, scaffolding, pinnacle scaffold
But she was too fast and it was too late.  Like some apparition, Super Model Elle Macpherson was gone.  For a 47 year-old gal, she not only looked good, but could really put the pedal to the metal.  Where did she go?  Where did she come from?  As the men stood contemplating the mystery before them – another skiing beauty sped by in her wake.

pinnacle scaffold, scaffold rental, scaffolding rentals, DE, PA, NJ, NYC, non union
2 supermodels, on water skis in one day?  In Delaware?  This WAS the place to be.  Or had the rotten fish heads made them see things?   Pinnacle is in the erection business (just see their T-Shirts) and let’s just say things were getting “up air”.
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“Into the bat boat boys,” shouted Jimmy.  “We’ll catch them.  I’ve got a secret weapon,” he said, as he took the wheel of Pinnacle’s new toy – the Amphibi-car.  “It might not look fast but it’s got 450 horses under the hood.  Sea horses, that is.   “Yah” he screamed and cracked the whip, with Paul in tow behind the speedy car boat.
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Unfortunately, after a few minutes it became apparent that no one had fed the sea horses (and they had eaten all of the fishing bait) and they just petered out leaving the guys to swim back to the boat.

In a last-ditch effort to appease the client and find these two water skiing beauties, Pini decided to bust out the big guns.  Top Gun, literally.  “If we can’t find them in this – we must surely be hallucinating,” he screamed, as he rolled forward the throttle and gave new meaning to the word Jet Skiing.
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Unfortunately, that was the last time anyone saw the boys from Alternate Design Solutions.  We can only assume that they found Elle Macpherson and her friend and are living it up on some tropical island somewhere.  We hope.  We wish.

Like this post for a chance to win your very own Client appreciation day with Pinnacle.  If you dare!  One winner will be drawn at random to have fun with the Pinnacle crew.

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Pinnacle Scaffold at Mathey College, Princeton University, NJ

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As part of our continuing relationship with the University of Princeton, Pinnacle Scaffold is proud to be working on one of the historic buildings at Mathey College.  PSC takes great pride in providing the best client service possible and this job was no different.
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Princeton hired PSC because they knew we could accommodate some very specific requests.  And on this job, we designed a system scaffold with an access way off to the right side to keep the least amount of legs on the ground and out of the very unique foliage at the base of the building.
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The scaffolding allowed the restoration crews access to the areas they needed while providing much needed piece of mind to the University that their foliage would remain undamaged in the process.
scaffold Rental, scaffolding rental, scaffold new jersey, non union scaffolding, PA, DE, Philadelphia, Pinnacle scaffold  scaffold Rental, scaffolding rental, scaffold new jersey, non union scaffolding, PA, DE, Philadelphia, Pinnacle scaffold
This historic building was undergoing a masonry restoration project including replacing and resetting the capstones.

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Take the video tour of Mathey College here.


Ever wonder how people in other parts of the world scaffold their projects?

courtesy of Lorna72, scaffold rental, scaffolding rental,

photo from Lorna87

Bamboo Scaffolding.  This is how they chose to scaffold the side of a mountain while carving a giant Buddha image in Battambang, Cambodia.

Would you feel safe on this?  Leave your comments below.

Pinnacle Scaffold at the University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

Pinnacle Scaffold (PSC) and the University of Maryland Medical Center teamed up to provide scaffolding solutions that would allow workers to complete caulking and gutter work on a scaffold that was built 100 feet in the air.
Pinnacle Scaffold, Non Union, Scaffold, Scaffolding, Rental, Sales, Service,  (306) 650-0520  Scaffold, scaffolding, rental, sales, service (306) 650-0520
The UMMC had some very specific requests and turned to PSC for solutions.  The main challenge was that the scaffolding had to be erected on top of a section of roof at the main hospital.  Not only were specific weight loads an issue but business as usual protocol had to be met.  As Maryland’s top Acute-Care hospital it had to remain open for the 6500 employees and patients while the scaffold was being built.Pinnacle Scaffold, Non Union, Scaffold, Scaffolding, Rental, Sales, Service,  (306) 650-0520
PSC turned to Alternate Design Solutions for drawings and specifications to give PSC and UMMC the proper design and weight specs for the roof to support the scaffold and workers while completing the job.  “It was all about access and pleasing both the hospital and the contractors,” said owner, Anthony Pini, “and I think we accomplished both.”
PSC came up with a lightweight system (fully engineered) sitting 100 feet up in the air, on an existing roof that allowed full access to the façade and roof.Pinnacle Scaffold, Non Union, Scaffold, Scaffolding, Rental, Sales, Service, (306) 650-0520
Pinnacle Scaffold (302) 766-5322.

Pinnacle Scaffold provides emergency protection and work platform for fire damaged Willmington Friends School

On April 17th a fire ravaged the large auditorium at the Wilmginton Friends School in Alapocas, just outside the city of Wilmington, DE.

Here is a link to a NBC Philadelphia news story:  Click Here.      And the local news story with video, describing the fire: Click Here.

The school is one of the oldest (Est. 1748) and most prestigious private schools in the country.  And even though there was significant damage to the auditorium the school would have to remain open while crews repaired the structure.

Ray Carbone, Director of Facilities, called Pinnacle Scaffold to rush in and provide emergency overhead and debris protection for pedestrians and students so that work could begin and the school could remain open.  Pinnacle was on the job immediately, and worked around the clock to install the necessary scaffolding, overhead protection, and a work platform for the workers to be able to access the burned areas.  The school closed for two days while crews started their repairs but then opened again the following week.

We will post photos soon.

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