Rockford Falls, Scaffold Work Deck Over Water

Question: How do you get crews under a bridge over water to do mechanical work when scaffolding isn’t an option? 

The good people at LC Construction were struggling to come up with a solution to this almost impossible question. The ground under the bridge was unstable with the ever changing stream floor and worse yet, If the water were to rise the scaffold could be washed away. 

But they knew the honorary mayor of Wilmington, Mr. Tony P, when they had worked together on the project just to the left of the bridge called The Falls.  So they called Pinnacle Scaffold again for a quick solution.  And they didn’t disappoint.  

Tony P took one look at the job and remembered the special pigeon hole stands that are designed to suspend powered scaffolding or safety lines through existing or core drilled holes in a concrete or steel structure.  That would allow him to drop a suspended scaffold line down through the concrete to hang a system scaffold work deck or platform with the weight supported from the top and crews could safely work beneath above the water.

Problem solved.  It’s not a huge job but it was another successful solution for Tony P and Pinnacle Scaffold team.  The job went off without a hitch and we are proud to work with LC Construction once again.

If you need quick, out of the box scaffold or access solutions call Tony P today at (302) 766-5322 or visit today.

And Tony P picked the musical number to accompany this post. Enjoy.

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