You’re bloody well right – Scaffolding Green Hall, Princeton University

When Princeton University and Elite Restoration needed to do parapet and facade restoration at Green Hall, they called Pinnacle Scaffold to do the job right. Right company, right people, right price, right equipment – we do it right. 

Yes, I took the title of this post from the Supertramp song but when you know you know.  Or as the magical, dark eyed, reading babe says, (WYKYN).  Maybe she can put an acronym to this like Pinnacle Scaffold – (YBWR).

Ergo – You’re bloody well right.

And what a job our guys did with this scaffold.  They had to design a system scaffold that would allow restoration crews access on two different roofs of the building without disturbing the landscape or the flow of pedestrian traffic at the hall.

So, Tony P, the mastermind of PSC (and honorary mayor of Wilmington) devised an access point at one corner of the building where he could house equipment, attach a hoist and a trash chute AND build a stair tower that would allow people access to both the upper and lower roof all in one area.

And he did it.  Just look at the pics.  They spanned up and over the lower roof allowing the necessary access to that part of the job while at the same time allowing the second crew to go up and over to the higher roof and work up air, as they say.  Brilliant. 

It’s amazing to me how simple Tony P and our crew make it look.

But it’s really a complicated maze of system scaffold, trusses and aluminum plank that created these two work decks and access ways.

As I said, we had to be mindful of the landscaping on the property and we did everything in our power to keep the trees, grass, and shrubbery untouched.

Elite has been rocking the restoration and making the old building look fantastic and function like new.

So maybe our new slogan should be, “You’re bloody well right!” (YBWR) Right company, right people, right price, right equipment – Pinnacle Scaffold, we do it right. 

Thanks to Elite Restoration and Princeton University for allowing Pinnacle Scaffold to be a part of this job!

If you need scaffolding, access, or fantastic solutions call Tony P today at (302) 766-5322 or visit today.

And of course – we have to attach the song that started it all.  Enjoy.

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Pinnacle Scaffold builds temporary Press Boxes at the University of Delaware Stadium for the Fightin’ Blue Hens



EDIS came to Pinnacle Scaffold with a question.  How can we build temporary press boxes for the football season on the bleachers, across the field, while the new $60 million dollar stadium expansion/facelift is going on?  We have people calling the game, scouts, announcers, press and members from both teams who need to be able to conduct business as usual.


The big guy, and honorary Mayor of Delaware, Tony P, looked around and then said, “On the bleachers, huh…?  No problem.  Let me handle that.”


The man who loves a challenge then said, “And we can put roofs over them and have observation glass installed to protect from the elements.”


Their response, “You can do that?”  “Absolutely,” said Tony P.


Well, needless to say, they were thrilled and the resulting buildings are awesome.  But not so fast.  It wasn’t as easy as it looks.  Tony P had to devise a way to get these structures built ON TOP of the bleachers and that wouldn’t be easy.  He brought in the guys at Alternate Design Solutions to handle the engineering – making sure that the weight distribution would be correct on the stands so they could support everything.


ADS did their calculations and recommendations and then sent those to EDIS and the University of Delaware for approval.  After a few back and forths to make sure the weight calculations were spot on – the approval came.


The Pinnacle crew was off and running.  Some specialty steel would need to be added beneath the boxes themselves to distribute the load.  The Fightin’ Blue Hens would be in business for the entire season!


The other obvious challenge to building this out of scaffold was that each piece would have to be carried by hand up the bleachers and then put into place making it a labor intensive job.


Pinnacle created the shell and the University of Delaware brought in someone to do the woodwork and interior because they had to bring in all of the necessary electric, video, audio and radio feeds necessary to make this a fully functioning press box.


And look at how it turned out!  Each box is 14’ by 28’ and will keep business as usual as the Whitney Athletic Center comes to life on the other side of the field. (click here to read about the new athletic center)


These boxes will last the University through the season until the new improved addition is finished in the summer of 2020.


And just as a side note: We added two stair towers on the opposite side for crews to access the new construction at Tubby Raymond Field.


We were proud to help keep the Fightin’ Blue Hens up and running for the 2019-2020 football season. EDIS and the University of Delaware were pleased with the result.


And if you need an access solution call Tony P today at (302) 766-5322 today or visit


Here is a photo of the new structure going up in front of the stadium.


And this is a rendering of what the new press boxes and stadium will look like.

We fight for the blue and gold and we wish the Fightin’ Blue Hens an awesome season!

More about the renovation here.


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