Pinnacle Scaffold and Robert Kennedy’s famous quote

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”
Robert Kennedy
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A philosophy I try to live by everyday. When we had to design special trusses that would support the scaffold over water… I thought, why not? And look what we came up with at
the Mt. Vernon Mill project in Baltimore, MD.


Pinnacle Scaffold at Patterson Park, Highlandtown Middle School renovation, Baltimore, MD

Pinnacle Scaffold is proud to be working on the $30 Million redevelopment project at the former Highlandtown Middle School.  The old school, known to some residents as Hampstead Hill, will be converted into rental apartments, retail space and underground parking.
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The six-story, 258,000-square-foot building occupies a full city block on the east side of Baltimore’s Historic Patterson Park and is just minutes away from the famous Johns Hopkins hospital.
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photo by Sean Robertson

Pinnacle provided a system scaffold, complete with stair towers, netting, and sidewalk protection around the entire building so crews could get access to all areas of the facade for repointing and finishing, installing new windows, and doing a complete renovation on the old school.
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Scaffold rental, scaffolding rental, (302) 650-0520, MD, PA, NJ, NYC, Non Union, Open shop

Patterson Park is one of Baltimore’s greatest treasures.  There are so many activities to do and groups that call the park home.
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Learn about some of them here.

Pinnacle Scaffold at the University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

Pinnacle Scaffold (PSC) and the University of Maryland Medical Center teamed up to provide scaffolding solutions that would allow workers to complete caulking and gutter work on a scaffold that was built 100 feet in the air.
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The UMMC had some very specific requests and turned to PSC for solutions.  The main challenge was that the scaffolding had to be erected on top of a section of roof at the main hospital.  Not only were specific weight loads an issue but business as usual protocol had to be met.  As Maryland’s top Acute-Care hospital it had to remain open for the 6500 employees and patients while the scaffold was being built.Pinnacle Scaffold, Non Union, Scaffold, Scaffolding, Rental, Sales, Service,  (306) 650-0520
PSC turned to Alternate Design Solutions for drawings and specifications to give PSC and UMMC the proper design and weight specs for the roof to support the scaffold and workers while completing the job.  “It was all about access and pleasing both the hospital and the contractors,” said owner, Anthony Pini, “and I think we accomplished both.”
PSC came up with a lightweight system (fully engineered) sitting 100 feet up in the air, on an existing roof that allowed full access to the façade and roof.Pinnacle Scaffold, Non Union, Scaffold, Scaffolding, Rental, Sales, Service, (306) 650-0520
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Pinnacle Scaffold overcomes challenges at Mt. Vernon Mill Redevelopment, Baltimore, MD

PSC (Pinnacle Scaffold) is proud to be a part of this $42 Million redevelopment of the century old Mt.Vernon Mill in Baltimore’s Jones Falls Valley that runs along the winding stretch of land between downtown and the Hampden neighborhood.  The 4 massive brick buildings straddle the Jones Falls stream along a third of a mile stretch of the Jones Falls.
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Construction of Mill No. 1 will be an adaptive reuse of the 19th Century cotton mill buildings into a mixed-use combination of office, retail, 93 apartments and two restaurants.
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PSC beat out 3 or 4 large competitors for this giant revitalization project because the developer and general contractor trusted our ability to provide a budget conscious project with “out of the box solutions” to incredibly difficult scaffold challenges.
Pinnacle Scaffold, rental, (302) 650-0520,, PSC   Pinnacle Scaffold, rental, (302) 650-0520,
The entire job was a giant obstacle/challenge from the steep driveways and access points to the over the water scaffolding necessary to complete the work.  It’s safe to say that this is one of PSC’s greatest achievements to date.

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Just look at the pictures and you can see the challenges that we had to overcome providing top-notch work with incredible built-in safety precautions.
First on the list are the special brackets that we had to manufacture for the job to hold the cantilevered trusses out and over the water that in turn would support the entire scaffold ABOVE the water so workers could get access to the façade and roof for restoration, repointing and rebuilding.

Pinnacle Scaffold, rental, (302) 650-0520,   Pinnacle Scaffold, rental, (302) 650-0520, www.pinnaclescaffold.comThe second large challenge was to provide scaffolding around the entire building WITHOUT blocking access roads and driveways.  PSC had to design special cantilevered trusses over the main access driveway to keep the road open and the workers access to the building repairs.
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Third, the developer Terra Nova Ventures plans to transform this site with a strong focus on the environment.  So PSC took a careful approach to meet Baltimore green building standards.
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Soon the century old brick and stone cotton mill be brought into the 21st century.  The rehabilitation of the Mt. Vernon Mill project has begun and PSC is proud to be a part of it.

Pinnacle Scaffold, Scaffolding, (302) 650-0520,   Pinnacle Scaffold, Scaffolding, (302) 650-0520,

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Pinnacle Scaffold provides emergency protection and work platform for fire damaged Willmington Friends School

On April 17th a fire ravaged the large auditorium at the Wilmginton Friends School in Alapocas, just outside the city of Wilmington, DE.

Here is a link to a NBC Philadelphia news story:  Click Here.      And the local news story with video, describing the fire: Click Here.

The school is one of the oldest (Est. 1748) and most prestigious private schools in the country.  And even though there was significant damage to the auditorium the school would have to remain open while crews repaired the structure.

Ray Carbone, Director of Facilities, called Pinnacle Scaffold to rush in and provide emergency overhead and debris protection for pedestrians and students so that work could begin and the school could remain open.  Pinnacle was on the job immediately, and worked around the clock to install the necessary scaffolding, overhead protection, and a work platform for the workers to be able to access the burned areas.  The school closed for two days while crews started their repairs but then opened again the following week.

We will post photos soon.

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Pinnacle Scaffold donates time and material to move antique organ back to the Queen Theater in Wilmington, DE.

Pinnacle Scaffold donated its time and equipment to help Saint Anthony of Padua Cahtolic Church in Wilmington, DE move their antique organ back to the historic Queen Theater.

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The organ was donated to St. Anthony’s church back in the late 1920’s when the Queen Theater underwent new upgrades to accommodate motion pictures with sound.  For over 90 years the old Kimbal organ reigned supreme at the church.  This year, St. Anthony’s is getting a new, custom built, Peragallo Pipe organ to replace the organ donated from the Queen Theater many years ago so the old organ had to go.  In a unique twist of fate, this year the Queen Theater underwent a massive rebirth as the anchor of an ambitious public-private partnership to breathe new life into a nine-block stretch of Market Street.  And as part of the restoration the developers thought it would be great to get the old organ back into the Queen Theater to put on display.  They had already saved many items during the restoration like rows of seats, ornamental drinking fountains and the original movie projector, but this would be the crown jewel to have the actual organ that once graced the theater halls.

PSC, Pinnacle Scaffold, Scaffolding, (302) 650-0520  PSC,, (302) 650-0520, Scaffolding

But this would be no easy task and would require skilled technicians who could get the giant organ down off of the upper balcony and out of the church unscathed.  This organ was not only heavy but extremely delicate as well.  The slightest misstep could lead to disaster for the wonderful instrument.

PSC, Scaffolding, (302) 650-0520

In stepped Pinnacle Scaffolding Corp and its crew to get the job done.  A scaffold had to be erected to get the workers up to the second story balcony where the organ lived.  Then crews had to lift the organ over to a rolling tower where they secured the organ with rope and used a hoist to lower it down to the lower level where a manual forklift was waiting to whisk it out to a waiting delivery truck.  After the short drive, PSC crews unloaded the organ and carefully delivered it to the Queen Theater where it is now mated with it’s original pipes and is on display for all to see.

Here is a quick note from Paul Desrosiers about the move:

Hello Anthony:

I wanted to thank you again for bringing your men and scaffolding over to St. Anthony’s removing the organ and delivering it to the Queen this morning.

This would not have been possible with out your help.

Thanks again,

Paul Desrosiers

Project ManagerBPGS Construction, LLCThe Buccini/Pollin Group 

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